Does a Child’s Living Arrangement Affect Health?

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One of the main concerns in many divorces is “how will this affect the children?” When it comes to child custody, it can be difficult to determine what is best for both you and your children.

A recent study was done do determine the affect child custody has on children. Nearly 150,000 children between the sixth and ninth grades were tested to see the affect child custody had on their overall health. Out of this group, nearly 70 percent lived with both parents, 10 percent shared time equally between parents in a joint custody arrangement and 20 percent lived mostly or entirely with only one parent.

Through this study, researchers discovered that there were physical and psychological differences in the outcomes of each study group. Those kids who lived with both parents suffered the fewest incidents of headaches, stomach aches, sleeping problems, sadness, and stress.

Children who lived with only one parent suffered the most problem, especially headaches and trouble sleeping. When asked, the single part children said they were the least satisfied with their relationships with their parents. Those kids in a joint custody arrangement had less problems than those who lived with only one parent and were only slightly less satisfied with their parental relationships than those children who lived at home with both parents.

The research suggests that “the potential stress from living in two homes could be outweighed by the positive effects of close contact with both parents.”

Source: “When divorced parents share custody, it’s better for their kids’ health,” by Linda Searing, published at published at

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