Is “Over-Sharing” Hurting Your Divorce Case?

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Over the past decade, social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter have experienced an influx of more and more people posting personal and private information and pictures. Many people are starting to learn the harsh reality of “over-sharing” on social media. Many of these postings can be used as evidence in your divorce. It is important to think about the digital footprint you are leaving before “bashing your spouse” on social media. Divorce lawyers are becoming extra savvy and are using these social media sites to gather information that can be used against you.

A good rule of thumb for social media is to expect everything you post to be seen by everyone, regardless of your “privacy settings”.

Here are a few tips to reduce your chance of complicating your divorce:

  • Be careful what you post. Telling your spouse you can’t afford to pay child support then posting your pictures from a Casino Cruise may not be the best idea.
  • Clean up your posts. Review your posts and remove all inappropriate material or information that you would be embarrassed for a judge to see.
  • Don’t accept friend request from everyone. Be aware of friend requests from people you don’t know.
  • Be honest with your divorce lawyer. If there is information out there on social networks that you think may complicate things, let your divorce lawyer know up front. It is better to hear it up front than to hear it for the first time in the courtroom in front of the judge.

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