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Those who are involved in child custody cases here in South Carolina often have a list of important questions to ask their attorneys. One of those commonly asked questions is “What happens when someone does not pay their child support?”. If you live in the area of Lexington, South Carolina and are currently involved in a child custody case, here’s a bit of helpful information regarding what happens when someone does not submit their child support payments.

Wage Deductions – Non-custodial parents who fail to pay child support as ordered by the court may very well have some of their monthly or bi-weekly paychecks garnished. In the state of South Carolina, child support can also be deducted from the person’s unemployment benefits, disability benefits, Social Security benefits or a worker’s compensation fund.

Withheld Tax Refunds – If a non-custodial parent does not pay their child support, he or she could have their entire or partial tax refund withheld.

License Revocation – Another potential consequence of failing to pay child support is having your driver’s license or passport revoked or restricted.

Loan Denial – Non-custodial parents who don’t pay their child support could also be denied federal loans for a new home, schooling or to start a small business.

Property Liens – Some of those who do not pay their child support may also be subject to having a lien placed on their personal property.

Fines – In some cases, a judge may decide that the non-custodial parent must pay an added fine of up to $1,500 for violating the existing child support order.

Jail Time – If a judge deems it necessary, a non-custodial parent might even have to face jail time of up to 1 year for failing to pay their child support.

All in all, there are quite a few serious repercussions associated with not paying child support. If you are currently involved in a child support case here in Lexington, South Carolina, please contact us. Our team of professional attorneys are waiting to discuss your options with you.

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